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    Part of a series of 12 prints titled Passions of the Cut Sleeve. Medium: Printmaking/Collagraph, hand coloured. Ink: Graphic Chemicals. Derivan Block Ink, Windsor & Newton Water colour Paper: Fabriano - Tiepolo 290gsm Press: Hilldav Maximum Edition: 10. Print only - unmounted. More information

    Love Letter Sent in A Sea Bass (*) - Homosexuality was a fully integrated and non-stigmatized part of seventeenth-century Japanese culture, flourishing primarily within the Buddhist priestly tradition, among samurai (warrior) classes and in kabuki theater. The Great Mirror of Male Love (Nanshoku & Okagami 1687) written by Ihara Saikaku (1642 √Ę‚ā¨' 1693) describes (and advocates) love between adult men and youths. 'Love Letter Sent in a Sea Bass', a story based upon a nonfictional account of a real incident involving a young samurai named Mashida Toyonoshin which took place in Bizen Province in 1667. √ā¬†Toyonoshin (named 'Jinnosuke' in the story), one of the most beautiful boys in Izumo Province, swears a vow of love with the older samurai Moriwaki Gonkuro. But boys in the lord's personal service are forbidden to establish sexual relationships with outsiders not in the same service. To avoid the impropriety of being in a different service, not for their homosexuality, the older samurai secretly sends love letters to the boy hidden in the mouth of a sea bass.

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Love letter sent in a Sea Bass

Love letter sent in a sea bass
Gilmour, George

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