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    The Birds Cabinet

    Art deco cabinet changed its image thanks to impressive combination of geometric patterns and elements of the natural world.
    The original veneered sides build beautiful background for painted birds like a tree.

    We guarantee that all Art PoPo furniture are unique and available only at one piece. We ensure that the furniture purchased from us is absolutely exceptional.

    The Birds Cabinet has been painted entirely by hand according to unique design with a very high attention to details. Chest of drawers has been painted without the use of any templates.

    Piece of furniture is a restored old cabinet.

    For painting we used high-quality acrylic paints. The surface has been covered with varnish. Thanks to it this piece of furniture has a high resistance to abrasion or damage and the colors will keep their intensity for many years.

    Author of paintings: Agata Kacperczyk

    Height: 58cm
    top: 72cm x 30cm

    Provenance / History of This Item:

    Agata Kacperczyk

    She graduated from Architecture but sitting and putting strokes in graphic programs has never fascinated her enough. She always liked the opportunity to express herself through manual art. Drawing is an integral part of her life. While studying architecture, he dealt with a variety of graphics, those on the walls, on the skin, on paper, as well as the most ordinary graphic design.

    On the way while wandering and seeking self she discovered the world of tattoo and it was what she stayed in for good.

    She paints the extraordinary furniture - linking her everyday world of tattooing, geometric patterns and surroundings. You can find a picture of herself in her pieces of art, she expresses herself through art.

    Listing Number: 2738188768

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    22.83 (height)
    28.35 (width)
    11.81 (depth)


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The Birds Cabinet

The Birds Cabinet
Kacperczyk, Agata

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