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    Museum high quality oil painting by Italian baroque master Guido Reni:
    'Saint Brigitte of Sweden and the Sword of destiny'

    Fine restored oil painting by Italian high Baroque master Guido Reni depicting Saint Brigitte of Sweden, Royal Swedish Saint, and the sword of destiny, also called the spear of Longinus.
    Saint Brigitte, one of the most prominent international politicians, patrons of art, catholic nun, princess of Sweden travelled around Europe to the highest courts and the Holy Sea.
    She saw 12 revelations, out of which two are depicted here on this fine high Baroque oil painting by Guido Reni, the now dissappearded sword of destiny and the thorn crown of Jesus Christ.
    Having herself Jesus Christ as one of her ancestors, Saint Brigitte was very touched by the sight of the sword of destiny, the spear of the Roman soldier Longinus.

    More pictures and information on request

    #italianrenaissancemaster #longinus #swordofdestiny
    #saintbrigitte #heligabirgitta #guidoreni #spearofdestiny #miracles #revelations

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    Collection von Linden, Berlin
    Collection von Kantzow, Stockholm
    Private collection in Scandinavia

    Listing Number: 2738189273

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    Image/object size (inches):
    47.24 (height)
    31.5 (width)
    5.91 (depth)
    Overall size (inches):
    51.18 (height)
    35.43 (width)
    5.91 (depth)


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Italian Baroque Old Master Guido Reni

Saint Brigitte of Sweden with the sword of destiny
Reni Guido

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