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    Enormous painting by Perth artist Damion Blundell. This painting called Red Mustang was in an exhibition. The work depicts a Cherry Blossom and butterflies with blurred text. Great colours of pink, blue and yellow for any room.

    Condition is excellent. It's quite large so best delivery method can be discussed.

    'Artist Damion Blundell's use of organic paints made from wildflowers, native tree resins and crushed pearl shell engage the viewer with their gentle tactility and his large canvases and broad expressive strokes create a dynamic flow. Many of the colours used are soft and muted because Damion says he loves working towards a sense of beauty. Many works feature an overwritten text which is softened to the point of illegibility. They are informal prayers to bless whoever takes in the painting. There is a reluctance to provide literal explanations of his work because much is instinctive.'

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    Bought direct from artist

    Listing Number: 2738233652

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    78.74 (height)
    72.83 (width)
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    78.74 (height)
    72.83 (width)
    0 (depth)


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Large painting by Australian artist Damion Blundell

Red Mustang
Blundell Damion

For Sale by Individual

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