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    This mask is said to come from Jalisco where
    hallucinogenic plants form part of the native
    rituals. The colors suggest some such
    influence. During certain ceremonies, under
    the influence of the hallucinogen, the
    Shaman sends lizards to obtain information.
    Upon their return the lizards whisper secrets
    to the masked Shaman.

    Máscara de Jalisco
    2000 Acrílico en fibracel (81cm X 61cm)
    Se dice que esta mascara proviene de
    Jalisco donde las plantas alucinógenas
    forman parte de los rituales nativos. Los
    colores psicodélicos sugieren el efecto
    de su uso. En algunas ceremonias, bajo
    la influencia del alucinógeno el Chaman
    envía lagartos para que obtengan
    información. Al regresar los lagartos
    susurran secretos al Chaman que lleva la

    Provenance / History of This Item:

    This artwork is hand-painted in acrylic on Masonite. It is a framed original. AS SEEN in the Book 'Magic Faces, Caras Magicas' written by Michael P. Earney. It has been displayed in multiple art galleries and has had many articles written about the work.

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    32 (height)
    24 (width)
    0 (depth)


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Jalisco Mask Acrylic on Masonite, framed original pink

Jalisco Mask
Earney, Michael

For Sale by Artist

Utopia, United States

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