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    Each May, just as they have for eons, annual
    jaguar fights are held to bring much needed
    rain. Fighters beat each other with knotted
    ropes in heated battles. Blood is shed for the
    gods to ensure abundant crops, to petition for
    rain, or for protection from the destructive
    forces of nature. The jaguar represents fierce
    nature, and when tamed, becomes the
    symbol of fertility. In the background, a
    jaguar with a rope around its neck is part of a
    stucco frieze at the ruins of Tula, in the state
    of Hidalgo.

    Tigre Luchador
    2001 Acrilico en fibracel (122cm x 71cm)
    Cada año en mayo, como ha pasado
    durante varias épocas, hay peleas de
    jaguares para traer a la lluvia que
    siempre falta. Los luchadores se golpean
    uno al otro con sogas que llevan nudos
    durante batallas furiosas. Se ofrece
    sangre a los dioses para asegurar
    cosechas abundantes, para pedir lluvia,
    o para la protección de las fuerzas
    destructivas de la naturaleza. El jaguar
    representa la violencia de la naturaleza y
    cuando está domado se convierte en un
    símbolo de la fertilidad. Un jaguar que
    lleva una soga alrededor de su cuello
    forma parte de un friso de estuco que se
    encuentra en las ruinas de Tula, en el
    estado de Hidalgo.

    Provenance / History of This Item:

    This artwork is hand-painted in acrylic on Masonite. It is a framed original. AS SEEN in the Book 'Magic Faces, Caras Magicas' written by Michael P. Earney. It has been displayed in multiple art galleries and has had many articles written about the work.

    Listing Number: 2738237817

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    48 (height)
    28 (width)
    0 (depth)


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Tigre Fighter acrylic masonite framed original Luchador

Tigre Fighter
Earney, Michael

For Sale by Artist

Utopia, United States

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