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    Costumes and Customs
    2004 Acrylic on canvas (36' X 24')
    In the years following the Conquest, some
    Catholic priests realized that their efforts of
    conversion were destroying much of the
    native people's history, lore and traditions.
    These priests provided converts with the
    means to document Aztec culture before it
    disappeared altogether.
    The page from the Codex Mendosa,
    showing items of tribute made to the ruler of
    Tenochtitlan, has costumes used in pre-
    Columbian times. The Muerte in the
    foreground, participating in the festival of the
    Holy Cross, in Cerro Azul, Acatlan,
    Guerrero, is from a photograph by George
    O. Jackson Jr. Combined, they indicate that
    a continuity of sorts has survived the the

    2004 Acrílico en tela (91cm X 61cm)
    En los años después de la Conquista, unos
    pocos sacerdotes Católicos, dándose cuenta
    de que sus esfuerzos de conversión estaban
    destruyendo demasiado de la historia, saber
    popular y tradiciones del pueblo nativo, les
    suministraron a sus convertidos medios para
    documentar la cultura Azteca antes de que
    desapareciera del todo.
    Los trajes mostrados en esta página del
    Código Mendoza, uno de los documentos
    producidos por convertidos, que se dice
    muestra elementos de tributo dados al
    Emperador de Tenochtitlan, sugiere que una
    continuidad de las clases ha sobrevivido a los
    siglos si son vistos con esta Muerte, de una
    fotografía por George O. Jackson Jr.,
    participando en el festival de la Santa Cruz en
    Cerro Azul, Acatlan, Guerrero.

    Provenance / History of This Item:

    This artwork is hand-painted in acrylic on Masonite. It is a framed original. AS SEEN in the Book 'Magic Faces, Caras Magicas' written by Michael P. Earney. It has been displayed in multiple art galleries and has had many articles written about the work.

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Costumes and Customs Acrylic on Masonite, framed origin

Costumes and Customs
Earney, Michael

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Utopia, United States

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