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    A Digital Illustration of a KingFisher bird Diving straight into the water to catch fish. It is a tri tone Paint where Black and White is the base color on which the whole Art depends and the Light Blue is the third color which is only used to represent the water..

    as far as the term and condition concern there is no as such terms or condition required..
    You will get a .Jpg, .png and .svg (An editable Illustrator file) files..
    Illustrator editable file is also included.. from which you can alter it as you want..

    Provenance / History of This Item:

    I was really inspired by nature, it always attracts me towards itself.. so one day I was watching an article of a photographer getting a desire shot of a Kingfisher diving after 6 years of his hardwork, it inspired me alot..
    so I start researching on Kingfisher and thought of giving it a new perspective to see, so came up with this..

    Listing Number: 2738238714

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    Time-Based Art (Film, Video, Digital)
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Kingfisher Bird Dive into the water to catch fish

Kingfisher Dive
Ahmed, Ateeq

For Sale by Artist

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