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    Artist Acrylic on Gesso primed canvas, Ready to hang, D rings and wire attached at the back. Comes with a certificate of authenticity.

    PERFECT TIME ALONE - Eucalyptus Blossoms
    by H.Lin
    40.6cm (W) x 50.8cm (H) x 1.5cm (D)
    Ready to hang
    Acrylic on Acid free canvas
    Metallic Gold paint and silver powder pigment are used .It actually shines beautifully when you look at the physical painting.

    Thank you for stopping by my profile.
    I am HSIN LIN ,Artist based in Melbourne Australia ,obsessed with the beauty of flowers .
    From where I live in Bayswater, there is a big field of forest nearby.

    My creating process normally start from a short walk into the woods, touching the texture of the barks, feeling the sunlight reflecting on the leaves and grasses .
    I then collect whatever I found during the walk as inspiration.
    Sometimes would be the gum tree, oak tree, pine tree leaves, or bird feathers; in autumn I have acorns, and wattles in winter. There's only one rule for my collecting process, never take from the living tree/life.
    I collect what had fallen only, and those are the gift from the nature of the day for me.
    Eucalyptus flowers have the symbolic meaning as Healing and Protection, which is also my favorite tree.
    Affirmation : Alone but not lonely, now you are closer to your true self.

    Artwork inspired by nature in Spring 2018, Bayswater, Melbourne, Victoria.

    Enjoy the time lapse video of this Original artwork welcome to visit the link below :

    Listing Number: 2738238815

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    20.08 (height)
    16.14 (width)
    0.59 (depth)
    Overall size (inches):
    20.08 (height)
    16.14 (width)
    0.59 (depth)


    The above image is an estimate of the size of the image/object compared to an average person. Box will only show a max 70 inches height x 70 inches width.

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Melbourne, Australia

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