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    Pteroceras pallidum, 2014
    This item I sort of did in two steps, two time periods. I started the piece before a chemo treatment for a stubborn blood condition I have. That left me weak for a month before I could get back into my art room with enough focus to pick up where I left off. So this item is was done at a transition time in my health.
    Funny thing is the actual orchid is a miniature… about the same size as in the painting!
    I'm a small time orchid collector and grower. To me these epiphyte plants are floating nature sculptures and a great inspiration to me. Often the flowers have this Zen quality of appearing very briefly to change the complete look of an otherwise sleepy foliage attached to a tree trunk.
    The paper I use is a traditional mulberry paper handmade in Thailand. Mulberry leaves are used there to feed the silkworm in the silk industry, the sticks used to make the paper.The resulting paper is a thick parchment paper, strong yet pliable. I have the paper made to this size to get the deckled edges which adds to the textural effect. The close up picture is of higher resolution to be able to get a feel for the texture and brush strokes of the painting.

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    This is my own painting, done by me in 2014.
    Watermark is on the photo only, not on the painting.
    Packaging for my small paintings like this one is sealed in plastic sleeve, sealed in a padded hard plastic file case, and envelope covering.

    More about me gordonartist1 on facebook , instagram, twitter

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    11 (height)
    8 (width)
    0 (depth)


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Pteroceras pallidum

Pteroceras pallidum
Tardio, Gordon

For Sale by Artist

Johor Bahru, Malaysia

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