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    Christine Drummond

    The exotic scenes and vivid colours that characterise the paintings of Christine Drummond highlight the expressive abandon of an artist working in her natural element. Gatherings formed of brightly coloured figures standing, walking, carrying loads on their heads or dancing enthusiastically. Rendered in impasto oils with swift strong strokes of the palette knife, the speed of execution adds to the feeling of movement within the paintings and gives them a real feeling of life. Drummond's use of colour underpins this, using complementary shades of orange, Prussian blue and jewel-like earth tones to create tension and focus within the pieces. It is the intensity of colour that adds a jubilant, celebratory feel to her work.

    Drummond creates her art to produce joy, both on canvas and in the viewers. It manifests in all aspects of the work - the hues, themes, tones and movement - crescendo to a climax of shimmering life. Her main inspiration is the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, where she grew up, and it is the sense of optimism and confidence in the Brazilian people that she captures most vividly. Christine Drummond continues to exhibit widely and produce works marked by fantastic colour, texture and happiness.


    'The ultimate goal of art is JOY' (Gotthold E. Lessing)

    'Joy' is what I want to bring to people through my paintings...

    'Joy' through the choice of colours, the theme, the life and movement

    I bring to the canvas with each stroke of my palette knife.

    When I complete a painting, my strongest wish is that those who see it

    will be drawn into it and want to te part of the happy atmosphere.

    If people feel good when they look at one of my pieces,

    if my paintings brigthen their day in any way,

    then my mission as an artist is completely fulfilled.'

    Click on the link below to view video footage of Christine Drummond painting her latest work.


    2003 - Ennéade, collective exhibition Paris, FRANCE

    2004 - 'One and the Same', Kuaba Gallery, solo exhibition Indianapolis, USA

    - 'Art Latino', Gallery 'A l'Espace des Arts' St-Rémy-de-Provence, FR.

    2005 - Gallery 'A l'Espace des Arts', collective exhibition, FR.

    - 'Masters of the imagination, Latin American Fine Art Exhibition', Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York, USA

    2007 - Biennale Internazionale of Contemporary Art, Firenze, ITALY

    2008 - 'Artists Alliance Gallery', Accra, GHANA

    - Private exhibition 'World of Colors' Larchmont, USA

    -Exhibition at the Museo of the Americas Miami, USA

    -Collective exhibition at Galeria Jacques Ardies, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL

    -Biennale of Contemporary Art Chianciano Chianciano, ITALY

    -Biennale of Contemporary Art Florence Florence, ITALY

    2010 - Collective exhibition at Gagliardi Gallery London, UK

    - Collective exhibition at l’Atelier 11, Atelier 11, Cannes, FRANCE

    - Collective exhibition Printemps Latin, Roquebrune, FR.

    - Trio exhibition at Gallery Art Present Paris, FRANCE

    - Collective Exhibition Salon des Artistes Indépendants, Grand Palais

    - Collective exhibition at Broadway Gallery, Broadway New York, USA

    2011 - Rio Carnival in Movement and Colour, Butler Goode Gallery

    2012 - Summer in Colour, Butler Goode Gallery, Sydney Australia

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