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    My new work still focuses on my imaginary characters and landscapes inspired by various cultural references, skateboarding culture and low-brow art influences, but with an intent to elevate them into abstraction. This work as a whole illustrates the progression and ideas of shifting into abstraction by utilizing overlapping lines and bold colors that are layered with acrylic paint. While some pieces still utilize my love of bright and bold colors, some pieces were restricted to certain colors palettes. Not only did I reduce or restrict my color palette in some pieces but I also decided to work strictly with paint and canvas or wood panels. This new idea of abstracting my characters had slowly been evolving throughout my work and I wanted the pieces in this show to illustrate the metamorphosis of my characters into pure abstraction.

    My process for these acrylic paintings begins with random and flowing line work. As I worked on the pieces I was continuously rotating the canvas because I wanted the piece to find itself. I wanted the composition and form to originate from random line work and by changing the format of the canvas I was able to find new and interesting compositions and forms. Although it is evident that there is a focus on a figure or face I am disguising them more and trying to hide them under familiar shapes and overlapping line work. As I progressed with these new works I noticed my hand and brush strokes were becoming looser and freer, which was always a goal for me to not be so tight with painting. I was beginning to let the stroke and paint become more natural.

    Pareidolia is a term that is defined as a psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus (an image or a sound) wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern where none actually exists. For example, the man in the moon, seeing faces within man made objects and cloud-spotting. This idea started to inform the new work as I was seeing hidden objects, figures and landscapes. It became an underlying theme for these new works and I see it becoming a standard influence and idea that will inform and continue to inspire my future work.

    I find it necessary not only as a human being but as an artist as well to change. It's the one constant in our lives. We all experience change and transformation within our lives in one-way or another. We all shape shift.

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    This piece was created for my solo exhibition entitled 'Shape Shifting' at Gallery 924 in Indianapolis. All work was created in 2015 and is 100 percent authentic and original.

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Keam Vole (Screaming with Love) - Original Painting on

Keam Vole (Screaming with Love)
Ray, William

For Sale by Artist

Indianapolis, United States

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