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    Welcome to Chicago is a mixed media portrait of Chicago's mayor Rahm Emanuel. The piece was inspired by the show 'Chicagoland' a documentary series aimed at exposing the violence, corruption and poverty ruthlessly overtaking the city streets of Southside Chicago. The intent is to capture the good that is Chicago, as well as the bad. For instance, the things that make Chicago the city it is; the skyline; the White Sox, Bulls and Blackhawks are just a few examples illustrated. Unfortunately, with good comes evil; the presence of gang tattoos; the representation of a flannel shirt often associated with Latino gangs; the '2' from the US two dollar bill to represent both the multi-billion dollar blackmarket that is Chicago, and the longevity of its existence. The portrait is divided multiple times along jagged edges to express the tension and social imbalance between those in power and those who are simply trying to survive day-to-day life. However, trying to survive in a city where every two and a half hours a person is shot, and every seventeen hours a person is murdered, is easier said than done. In 2015 Chicago experienced 443 gun shot wound fatalities, 2995 total gun shot victims and 504 homicides.

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    This is a 1 of 1 original piece of art.

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    Tattoo Inspired Art
    Mixed Media
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Welcome to Chicago

Welcome to Chicago
timothy littlehale

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melrose, United States

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