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    In this wonderful Life Symphony paint , one can see in the middle a pulsating heart , and from it there are many ways and branches and subranches then tributaries and smaller branches which are crossing each other in a wonderful meaning that this is every one's life , so, when we look at the Life Symphony paint, you would never be able to know which way you took to reach any place, this is really every one's life as all of us can live.
    After I paint this Life Symphony, I composed a music called after its name : The Life Symphony you can find it on amazon and my Youtube channel

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    Hotels , Bards, Palace, Villa , Flat , Museum , Clinics, Hospitals, Museam, Schools, Colleagues , Cultural Centers,Libraries, Embassy , Decoration , Clubs , Art loving people .. Philosophy lovers .. Art loving .. dreamers .. Lovers

    Listing Number: 2738257956

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    30.31 (height)
    30.31 (width)
    1.57 (depth)
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    30.31 (height)
    30.31 (width)
    1.57 (depth)


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Life Symphony

Life Symphony
Sadek, Mostafa

For Sale by Artist

Alexandria, Egypt

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