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    'Gallery Price: $260

    Artist: Nicholas Yust
    Title: 'Interdiffusion Composition'
    Size: 48''W x 19''H x 1''D Overall
    Style: Circle Pattern Art / Contemporary Metal Artwork / Monochrome Decor / Modern Silver Decor / Rings, Bubbles, Dots
    Colors: Grey, Gray, Silver, White
    Detail: HD (high definition) lightly textured matte-finished giclée on metal. UV cured acrylic inks. Rare, true-flatbed application for ultimate image clarity.
    Mounting: I attach brackets to the back that hang easily on nails, screws or hooks and allow the artwork to ''float'' slightly off the wall, giving the artwork an attractive element of depth.

    A perfect addition to the contemporary home, the original 'Inter-Diffusion' was expertly crafted to express the pure passion of the artist. Through the masterful use of multiple grinding, sanding, and polishing techniques, artist Nicholas Yust has created an amazing three-dimensional illusion in the circular designs on this multi-panel metal wall sculpture.

    This circular art design is popular among all forms of artwork, all over the world. For this particular piece, the artist put a funky twist on the classic pattern, allowing it to speak to people of all ages. The meaning of the pattern is no doubt different to each person who looks at it. It may even mean many different things to one person, depending on their mood or circumstances. Whether you see unity and peace in the design, or the ripples represent a disruption or disturbance in the midst, you can be certain that the next person who sees it will likely have a very different view.

    This is considered a fine metal art giclée. The artist creates a grind pattern on a metal panel, photographs it in high-definition, manually preps and embellishes another metal panel, transfers the image with an ultra high-resolution in-house giclee application, and then finishes and assembles the artwork by hand. This is all done start-to-finish in our modern art studio in Cincinnati, Ohio.'

    Listing Number: 2738294986

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    Image/object size (inches):
    19 (height)
    48 (width)
    0.5 (depth)


    The above image is an estimate of the size of the image/object compared to an average person. Box will only show a max 70 inches height x 70 inches width.

Interdiffusion Composition

Circle Pattern Art 'Interdiffusion Composition' - Contemporary Metal Artwork Giclée - Monochrome Modern Silver Decor - Rings, Bubbles, Dots
Nicholas Yust

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Cincinnati, OH, United States

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