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Location: Warrnambool, Australia

Self taught artist / media student, Located in Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia, I mostly work within the digital world but do mixed media work as well. I'm opening this gallery to help fund my further education and my art passion. I work in mediums such as Photography, Illustration, Digital Painting, Screen Printing, Traditional and Concept work. I try to focus on meaning within my work and love to draw from pop culture, gaming and what happening in my own personal world. I am producing this gallery more for personal reasons to start trying to build up a reputation as both an artist and a digital media producer, and if you do like anything I would love if you purchased my work *no pressure*. I am wanting to build my dream of working within the artistic digital realm and would appreciate your support. All images on this gallery are produced by me, and are all signed and dated by me personally. Thank you for visiting my gallery... Lizzie Cutler (Artist)
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