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dEsterre, Elaine - Artist

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Location: Anglesea, Australia

My figurative art consists of oil paintings, mixed media, printmaking and drawing and has been influenced by Expressionism, Surrealism, Baroque and Bronze Age Minoan symbolism.
I use pictorial devices, allusions to symbolism and compositional formats from these eras of art history. I portray imagery ( person or landscape) where I capture an instant of time in which I mirror memory and geological forces of nature. I combine past and present with the image of specific person and their story, a specific land form and its geomorphology or both.
I use built up texture that refers to organic animate elements of the composition and combine these with the inanimate, abstracted background. At this boundary point the combination causes the forms to distort. Motions of the mind or slow motion of the earth's crust reveal a deeper level of change, metamorphosis and transition.
Aspects of the Earth's history and formation mirror elements of artistic creation.

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