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Doughty-Pratt, Bee - Artist

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Location: Wellington, New Zealand

I am a full-time professional artist & exhibit regularly at galleries throughout New Zealand. It is nice that my work is in demand & sells well. I am trying hard to reduce my wait-list for commissioned works. Mostly I paint quite large abstract landscapes in oils - working on several paintings at once, coming back to each one repeatedly to continue the layers until complete.

Water in some form or other features in virtually every canvas I paint . . . river water, lake water, sea water – all abstract water. (This has to have something to do with life’s inevitable ebb and flow.) I am also all about colour and try to use colour to capture the emotion behind these landscapes - the essence of the landscapes, real or imagined, rather than the actual detail. My studio - previously a garden shed - is high on the banks of the Otaki River. It has plenty of light and plenty of wall space and I enjoy spending so much time in it. I even enjoy cleaning my brushes.

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