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Calva, Sarahlaine - Artist

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Location: raleigh, United States

My artwork has been influenced by various artists such as Keith Haring and Andy Warhol. I utilize unique art styles such as stippling, pointillism, and cross hatching. I include various geometric shapes and unique colors and patterns to create my own individualistic approach. I admire the theme of Pop Art and attempt to incorporate that theme into each of my works. My concentration theme focuses upon the subject of Psychology and its effects upon various individuals and their environment. I have used a variety of different materials to complete these works. My preference on materials usually involves using Prismacolor markers and fine tip marker pens. The color palettes I create are well thought out for the colors selected encompass a deeper meaning for each piece to set the mood and emotion. My artwork takes a critical view of social, emotional, political and cultural issues. I prefer my art to require thought rather than it being a straightforward subliminal message. I most likely will plan to pursue a career in art or business in the near future.

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