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Lampron, Ursula - Artist

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Location: Knowlton, Canada

I immigrated with family to America after WWII. We settled in Washington, D.C., and there I received my first pencil and so began my passion with art.

I married a Canadian, changed language and culture once more. All these events had a profound effect on my art as I often escaped my unsettled surroundings by reading books on mythology and fairy tales, hence enriching my already active imagination. As a direct result, my art is often described as allegorical or romantic.

I describe myself as a figurative automatiste (an automatiste being some one who creates without a plan or idea beforehand), as I rely strictly upon my imagination to paint and create using no reference photos. I start all my paintings simply on a white canvas, often working with the canvas on the floor to facilitate easy movement. It is the ultimate adventure, sometimes one painting will have 2 or 3 ideas on it before I finally settle on something.

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